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Your Automation Catalyst

Our board of certified advisors understand the need of modernization to guide innovators to explore, analyse, plan & implement effective solutions.

Your In-depth Guide to Tech Solutions

DataCentrix’s Advisory & Implementation Services offer expertise & deep industry knowledge to strategize AI support for your organization and introduce a seamless cultural shift with agile methodologies while also spurring maximum Data utilization such that your organization has continually innovating automation support.

Application Development & Modernization

DevOps & Automation

Modern AI Platform Strategy

Data Management

API Development & Integration Services

DataCentrix develops specialized APIs for new and legacy enterprise applications.

Our APIs facilitate access to application data, functionality and business logic, as well as web services.

We ensure API Quality & Standardization for your organization so you can do more with less.

DataCentrix gives your company strategic API Gateway management solutions for high scalable SaaS products and comprehensively secure API with OWASP Security Verification Standard.

We guarantee a seamless digital transformation to enable your business to adopt & build Cloud-first strategy.

Modern AI Platform Strategy

AI and ML based technologies seem to be the next big-thing that will solve problems by mimicking human intelligence.

These technologies aim to replicate neural pathways similar to the ones in the human brain to teach machines to identify patterns and make predictions.

Deep Learning arena’s key player, Tensorflow, provides reliable functionality to build AI based products.

Their state of the art real-time object detection API enables developers to implement powerful pre-trained AI models that can detect specific objects or patterns into their own products and tools.

Data Analytics

Develop prediction models using ML techniques. Identify meaningful insights from data. Data analysis for large datasets. Time-series data analysis and forecasting .


Integrate product recommendations on your sites. Develop customer churn prediction models. Perform Market Basket Analysis on transactions data.


Near-duplicate records identification in large datasets. Identification of similar text documents. Identification of similar images (faces, fashion, e.t.c.).


Anomaly detection on labeled and unlabeled datasets. Anomaly detection on time-series datasets. Fraud detection and money laundering detection. .


Enhance your products with Deep Learning models to solve NLP and Computer Vision problems


Analysis of real time health monitoring signals like ECG e.t.c. Analysis of other medical diagnostics signals. AI powered personal diet plan.

DevOps & Automation

DevOps is not just a set of tools or processes; it is a cultural shift that leaves no room for dysfunctional teams.

DataCentrix provides DevOps and Automation Services to help companies increase uptime, reduce time-to-market, lower overhead costs, and focus on the bottom line.

With expertise in DevOps consulting and Automation services, our engineers are dedicated to assisting companies in implementing deployment automation and Infrastructure as Code (IaaC).

With the objective of reducing human errors and manual control, our automation services help businesses overcome challenges in software development and help increase employee productivity.

Our DevOps Expertise

Infrastructure as code

DevOps Continuous Integration/Deployment Tools

DevOps Monitoring Tools

Data Management

While there is a lot of focus on AI and advanced algorithms, the base Data ecosystem requires continuous improvement in terms of scale, stability and streamlining.

Delivering VALUE from data via AI & Analytics is what Togglr does the best with consulting teams.

Data is increasingly becoming the foundation for organizations to stay relevant & competitive

This data in its raw form is like crude oil, it’s true value realized only after it is processed & polished

Today we are generating large amounts of data, which come in at different Velocities, Varieties & Volumes (3Vs)

Data processing engines must consistently & reliably power everything from simple analytics to autonomous AI engines.

Client Challenges

  • Risk of data leaks and compliance with regulations
  • Lack of visibility and control
  • Inconsistencies leading to confusion & inaccurate decisions

How DataCentrix Can Help through Advisory Services

  • Being technology agnostic, we partner with CSP & Software providers to bring state-of-the-art technology capabilities to you quickly
  • We bring in industry expertise at scale by combining standardized capabilities for cost effectiveness and last mile delivery
  • With strict data governance and automated control we help regional and industry regulations and compliance needs

Our Approach for Data Management

We follow and advise a structured approach to data processing, cleaning, data governance, collection & storage with thorough dedication towards bringing value and insight from the data.

We believe that the focus needs to be on improving the quality first and then move towards higher AI / Analytics Value.

Our ultimate goal is to continuously improve the base data system in terms of scale, stability and streamlining.

AI Analytics - High Value





DataCentrix Multi Cloud Data Management System offerings

DataCentrix Multi Cloud Data Management Systems provide 3 offerings:

Data Modernization

From Legacy systems, fragmented technologies, localized data to bleeding edge next generation data platform

  • Migration to Public cloud data platforms
  • Legacy Modernization (Private Cloud or Containerization)
  • Data Store Modernization and Tiering
  • Data Integration
  • DataOps Enablement
  • DataLake/Data Store Transformation

Data Ops

Data Supply Chain as a Service

  • Pipeline Management/Automation
  • Pipeline management + orchestration
  • Job management and automation
  • Data compliance, Quality Governance & Security
  • Data observability and Data reliability
  • Data Storage + tiering

On Demand Data Service

  • E2E analytics/AI solution deployment
  • Data integration Design, Build, Manage and
  • BI Reporting and Insight Management Lifecycle
  • DataOps Advise, Build & Enablement (Technology and Process)
  • ModelOps Advise, Build and Enablement (Technology)
  • Advance Analytics and AI

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